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A couple housekeeping items...

Hi! Just want to post a brief update about a few things.

Moda is still working on getting in the Blackbird fabric, so you haven't missed out if you haven't heard anything. I'll be sending out invoices as soon as it is actually received. 

Cohana scissors are expected in very soon and I'll be sending those as soon as they're received. Cohana and their US distributor sent a message yesterday that they will be shipping this week and over the next several weeks depending on when orders were received. I believe that I got my order in within the first few minutes of the scissors being listed, so the limited edition scissors should be shipping very soon. I didn't wait to receive pre-orders before I placed the shop pre-order, so fingers crossed I'll be one of the first shops to get them in. That was the reason that I took them down from my site instead of leaving the pre-orders open so as to not hold up orders. Cohana and their US distributor reminds everyone that these scissors are precision made by hand and not mass produced, so they're working very hard on filling orders. They are beautiful scissors and worth the wait. If you choose not to wait, please let me know - I'm happy to exchange them for anything else in stock. Everything that I list on my website should be in stock items with very few exceptions (usually because my computer app sometimes goofs up or I just plainly can't find the item in the shop).

*** Edited to add: Just got notification that my first shipment is on its way! Woot!!!

The third bit of housekeeping is that I will be closing the brick and mortar for the summer; from June 1st to September 1st. I'll be having surgery and this will give me time to heal. The online shop will remain open during this time and orders should still be processed timely. I will have help getting orders out. I just feel it's fair to mention it so that stitchers have time to either plan their shop excursions before or after this date. For those who sometimes ask - no, someone else is not able to open the shop during this time as my inventory will be at home so that I can keep up with online orders.