• I am interested in some of the 40 or 46 count Colour and Cotton if you could contact me, not sure how to see if this was put in your linen category that we view or not. Thank you

  • I NEED to purchase some of the 46-ct fabric before it’s gone! Where do we go for a better view of options and to order?

    Larene DeVine
  • So I can see the listings in your catalog, but they’re listed as a “stitcher’s 1/2”. This is 36” x half the width of the bolt, but what is that width? Zwegiart linens come in three different widths.

  • I’m interested in your 46 count linen that you just posted. What is a good color for samplers? Any way I can see better pictures of the colors? Also what is the size of the pkgs. and how much is it?
    Thank you


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