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Gift certificate sale

Something for now and something for later. Victorian Rose gift certificates are 20% off for amounts $50 to $1000 for a limited time. No expiration date. To gift or to make your own private sale at any time. Buy the gift certificate and I’ll send you a code to use. The only restrictions are that it needs to be used for in stock items and it can’t be combined with a storewide sale. It can be used on the sale pages. More items have been added to the sale page as well, including many items at wholesale and some below. 

Gift certificates work as follows:

Step 1: Buy gift certificate. 

Step 2: A code will be sent to you to use on a future purchase. “Future” can be two minutes after you have the code! Or used in the future - no expiration date.

It’s that simple! Happy stitching and happy holidays.