Nashville Market 2020

Nashville is always so much fun! I had a wonderful time as an exhibitor and was very pleased with the three samplers I brought to Nashville: Mahalath Freeman, Hannah Spraggs, and Mary Downs. Then I got to turn around and buy from other exhibitors and doubled my pleasure! I so look forward to doing it again next year.

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  • Hi Tinka,
    This is my 3rd attempt to contact you re the Hetty Child chart I’d requested via Instagram before the Nashville Show. My business name is Curryville Country market…and I paid and placed the order for it personally when we met there in your suite, because you said you’d forgotten to bring one for me.
    I have a very excited, now somewhat anxious customer for whom this piece is for. I would greatly appreciate a response from you soon. Thank you. Debbie

    Debbie Hamby

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