The Uffindell Sisters Return!

The much sought after Uffindell sisters return! Thank you so much, Nicola, from all who have been coveting these charts for their personal collections! Please note, Isabella and Ann are being offered as separate charts this time. I’m taking preorders for the expected Christmas release.


  • I would like to order both of these patterns please email me to let me know how to proceed. Thanks

    Dawn Beverly
  • I would like to order both charts of the Uffindal sisters. How do I preorder?

    Jill Sterling
  • I would like to order both Uffindell sister Samplers.

    Jan Miechiels
  • I would like to order the pattern for the 1835 Uffindell Sisters sampler. Would you please email me and tell me how to progress. Thank you!!

    Anne Barney
  • Uffendel Sisters charts

    Tammy Fugate

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